Children aged 11-15 (Grades 6-9), leading to the GCSE.

The pupils in the Senior Department (Years 5-9) are between the ages of eleven and fifteen. The Senior curriculum is challenging and encourages the pupils to think and work creatively, practically and logically. Group work and project work helps the students to develop respect, understanding and cooperation.

The curriculum strives to be:

  • Broad: The curriculum introduces pupils to a wide rage of areas and experiences, knowledge and skills.
  • Balanced: One area of the curriculum does not dominate the rest. Subjects are often interrelated through project work.
  • Relevant: Subjects are be linked to the pupil's own experiences and bring out the continuing value of those experiences in adult life.

The curriculum also aims to promote the moral, cultural and mental development of the pupils, and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences they may face in the future.

Université de Cambridge

ABC School est sous contrat d’association avec l'État pour le primaire.