School presentation

ABC School was founded in 1987 by André Rosset, its present headmaster and principal, and has since then been a pioneer when it comes to bilingual teaching and individualized education.

At ABC School, we believe that by providing a varied, stimulating and secure learning environment and by valuing each child as an individual, we will encourage the children to develop their special talents and reach for their full potential. We encourage them to become inquisitive and independent learners and to develop the self-discipline necessary to complete tasks and make responsible decisions.

We believe that a happy, child-centered classroom environment and diverse teaching methods will foster the children's self-esteem and self-confidence and help them to develop the skills needed to assume responsibility for themselves and for each other in an international state of mind.

Our pupils have unlimited access to the Internet and benefit from varied multimedia teaching methods so as to be perfectly prepared to analyze and to use the unequalled mass of information surrounding us.

Université de Cambridge

ABC School est sous contrat d’association avec l'État pour le primaire.

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