Schooling intellectually precocious children.

We welcome intellectually precocious children and adapt our teaching to their specific needs in accordance with our general philosophy concentrating on individual teaching methods.

Our definition of an intellectual precocity
In our school, we consider the intellectual precocity in relation to the educational aspect. We may distinguish two different prospects :

The cognitive mechanism

Children who are intellectually precocious differentiate from the others as to their way of addressing new contents. Reaching straight to the essential points, they establish transversal links and are eager to go into detail, therefore they need a specific teaching taking their distinctiveness into consideration.

The progression speed

The intellectually precocious children show a different speed at work than others. They can get bored more easily and so they need to be continuously stimulated not to lose interest.

Making the school a real living space for the children

Beyond the teaching method linked, one must focus on the psycho-sociological aspect of the intellectual precocity.

We organize everything for the child to blossom during his schooling. Here at ABC School, all the conditions are fulfilled to make our pupils happy : small classrooms, educational projects overcoming the different age groups, and a school staff specifically attentive and competent supervising each pupil in his curriculum and leading him to find his place in the school and feel at ease in this environment.

Harmonizing the child's 'path'

It is very important to make sure the pupil's knowledges are standardized. We must avoid any 'asynchronous development' with gifted children. We might observe an uneven development of specific skills, for example, the physical abilities and the emotional maturity might not progress at the same rate. A gifted child's logic can be obvious before his physical abilities actually enable him to accomplish a certain task at work. The teachers are here to help him out and to value and reward his strengths (understanding, self involvement etc. …) in order to harmonize his 'path'.


Here at ABC School, if grade-skipping is necessary for the pupil's well-being, all the right conditions are fulfilled in our environment. Individualizing the work and making an educational distinction enable us to help gifted children to progress at their own pace. As each of our teachers oversees two levels at a time (for example 1st and 2nd Grade), they are able to adapt the pupil's work according to his strengths in a specific subject and help him progress in another subject to ease his way to the upper grade without any gaps in his curriculum.

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