Mission Statement

Évolution et traditions

Teaching evolution - Respecting the traditions

We want to teach our children the taste of success and to develop their self-confidence. Every specific aspect of the children's personality is taken into account in our school, it is a place where they feel happy, they look forward to coming back every day, and they blossom all along the school year.

It is a 'small society', where the children learn to live together and respect each other, we inculcate very important moral values in them. The French and British traditions are respected. For instance, preparing every celebration enables the children to develop their international culture and his knowledge thanks to several educational materials. This international culture stimulates the children's open-mindedness, which is essential to their blossom within a group.

We gave ourselves the means to implement a successful schooling for our pupils with a highly competent staff and well equipped premises, to create a unique environment for your children, to make ABC School your school, and for the school to evolve constantly in that state of mind.


An indispensable asset.

Europe is a reality and the economical future of our country depends on the steady development of its international relations.

We know that being fluent in a foreign language requires for it to be taught at a very young age, and that, only a 'bilingual' child can express himself as easily in both his mother tongue and his second language.

A few English lessons or using different teaching methods are not enough, under any circumstances, to make a child become bilingual, and without a specific teaching, there are even some risks of academic failure.

Choosing bilingualism for our children is optimum! Choosing an educational system is a process for the students' parents in ABC School.

Université de Cambridge

ABC School est sous contrat d’association avec l'État pour le primaire.

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